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Business Website In One Hour Or Less

A one-page business website is a website with all the information on a single page, that the user can easily scroll through. In this article, we’re going to show you how to create a one-page business website in one hour or less.

The benefits

A one-page website is a good solution if you are looking for something fast and simple. Such websites are used for particularly highlighting a specific product or service. A one-page website design has several advantages

  1. No reloading: The site doesn’t have to reload to switch to another section. The user can navigate between different sections on a webpage at a faster pace.


  1. Better control over user’s experience.: With a one-page website, you also have the control in what order people see your content. Like you can show the benefits of your products at the beginning and the pricing at the end.


  1. Excellent solution for small sites: One-page website design is ideal for a small business. It is better to arrange all the information on a single webpage, in a distinctive order, rather than small pieces of information dispersed over different webpages. It not only saves the impression of an underdone website but gives the impression of a good informative site.


  1. Better mobile experience: It gives an excellent phone experience as the site doesn’t reload after every transition. It’s not even a problem if the user disconnects whilst on your website. Since the page is already loaded, they will still be able to go to the different sections.


Creating a one-page website with WordPress

Why WordPress?

There are several other platforms that allows you to develop your own web, but word press being the easiest and cheapest, beats them all.


It saves time as well as money.

WordPress enables you to get your own one-page website design in following 4 steps.

  • Install WordPress
  • Pick a theme
  • Activate plug ins
  • Start building.

Setting up WordPress

WordPress is one of the easiest and cheapest way but setting up WordPress is a huge hassle. 100dollarsweb.com is an easy solution to this problem that allows you to build your one-page website design online and that too starting only at $100.


You can get your own website with 100dollarsweb.com in 3 easy steps.

  1. Select a plan you like
  2. Upload your web content
  3. Submit and checkout to start work.

Step 1: Select a plan you like

We’re offering following three plans with different features.








Step 2: Upload your web content

Once you have selected the plan, upload your desired web content.


Step 3: Submit and checkout to start work

Finally, submit the content and CHECK OUT!


Congratulations! You have built your own one-page business website. Building this site took you less than an hour, it is one of the easiest and fastest way to build a one-page website, starting only from $100.

For More Knowledge Read : https://www.100dollarwebs.com/stop-putting-off-your-website-build/