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Is your website running slow? Is it taking ages to load? why a website loads slow ? There are loads of factors which can make this happen.

  • Network Issues

You may face a slow website due to poor network connection. The best way to make sure that network is not an issue is to try using another network and retry loading the website. If it still loads slowly, you may go for a second option and ask your friends or family to try loading the website with a different network.

  • Problems with Web Host

Another reason your website is loading slowly may be due to your web hosts. This can be because you are using a free web hosts. It can also be due to low quality web hosting which results in poor management and cluttering. Website slowing down may also occur if you have a lot of data which the servers may not be able to support.

  • Content Cluttering

As your website grows older, it stores a lot of data which can also lead to website slowing down. Therefore an overburdened website can also lead to website cluttering. As you upload more data to your website servers, your database may take time to reach this data hence leading to delays etc.

  • Design Issues

Your website may also not load if it’s designed incorrectly. The images uploaded on your website may be too large and of high resolution that they may be taking a large chunk of your network to load. Hence one should always go with JPEG format which takes up lesser space compared to other formats.

Similarly JavaScript and use of Flash Content may also contribute to a slow why a website loads slow
website. Both of these are used extensively to make the websites more
fancy and interactive for users. Usually flash content is quite large in size
and takes up a lot of space. This bulky flash content may impact your
website loading speed if not reduced.

100dollarwebs.com makes sure to provide its customers with the best service so that they do not face a slow loading website which not only impacts the business’s goodwill but may also hurt their sales and consumer loyalty.

Firstly, we use the right compression techniques to make sure that none of the content quality is compromised. We also use the right image size.

So that it doesn’t overburden the website while also doesn’t ruin the website’s look.

Also we take immense pride in having a high quality web hosting service which is designed specifically for our customers’ needs. Our web hosting does not lag or loads data slowly; on the contrary it is very fast and helps the website to load as quickly as possible.

Also websites designed by 100dollarwebs.com are tailor-made for our customer’s businesses. They are appropriately designed and do not contain poorly designed webpages, images or flash content.

Hence if you are looking for a website which does not clutter and loads in the blink of an eye, you should definitely visit our website: 100dollarwebs.com.