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It is not a matter too complex to understand for an entrepreneur that higher interaction with your customers increases the chances of your business to grow.

However Customers feel more satisfied and appeased when they are being attended to considerately.

On your business website a live chat feature which adheres to the questions of customers visiting your website does the trick pretty efficiently.

Through the live chat feature offered on a website, businesses can allow the customers to directly ask questions.

However there is a confusion regarding a specific transaction or assist in access of information about a certain product.

Where questions are being responded to and the issues get resolved immediately, customers are more inclined to stick with you for longer periods.

Usually a number of surveys and studies conducted.

we have summarized the data given below that backs the significance of a live chat feature on your website:

  • 52% of consumers made a repurchase from a company that offered live chat support. (Kayako).
  • Around 77% of customers won’t purchase anything on a website that doesn’t have a live chat option. (Furst Person).
  • 41% of customers think a company that offers live chat on its website is more trustworthy. (WhosOn).
  • 38% of customers have admitted they ended up making a purchase due to a good live chat session. (Invesp).

The statistics above suggest strongly the constructive impact & Contributions a live chat feature may generate on the sales of a business.

Choosing a live chat software that understands your requirements impeccably is yet another hassle to go through.


ZEN-DESK: Considered one of the most highly acknowledge live chat software with a 98% user satisfaction graph (financeonline.com)

Zen-desk is an effective tool fulfilling the need for a live chat feature on your business website to cater to the customers’ needs.

therefore It provides a free trial after which a package suiting the necessity of your business can be selected.

In this case Zen-desk services begin from only 9$/month.

TAWK: Tawk.to is live chat application software which is absolutely free of any charge.

With a customer satisfaction rate of 88% (financeonline.com)

The services that aim to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers round the globe.

Tawk is a viable option for small low-cost WordPress themed business websites.

The additional services offered by Tawk.

To include the group chat, file transfer, track engagement, visitor information, voice and video add-one, etc. among others.


At 100dollarwebs.com we provide you with a WordPress themed website designed for your small business to help it flourish, paving for you the way forward in attaining success.

It all starts from just 100$! And as a bonus we will even add a live chat feature of your choice from above, included in the price as well.

Businesses succeed more when they have an online platform i.e. a website for their customers and clients to reach.

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