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Have you recently launched your business?

Are you in a constant battle with yourself?

Create a business Facebook page or go for a personalize business website for your small business venture?

If you have answered yes to the following questions above.

then fear not because this article may just provide you with enough guidance to help you understand.

what is what and how choosing the better option will help you in the long run, lets jump in.

We are living in a world of virtual reality, a place where everything is over the internet.

Therefore, having a digital platform to capture your audience is of the utmost importance and key to having a successful business.

As part of your marketing campaigns, you would definitely want to go for a company website in order to mark your territory over the internet.

Or you may also feel that going for a Facebook business page might just help you get faster recognition after all 2.27 billion users reside on this social media platform as of 2018 and this figure keeps increasing.

This is an ongoing debate of which is better for business.

Is having a Facebook business page help you gain the brand awareness you want and get a faster outreach to customers or opting for a business website.

Before you make this decision:

there are various benefits of a website for a small business as well as having a business Facebook page.

Some of them are listed below in this article:

#1 Competition

There are numerous advertisements that are continuously being displayed on our news feed.

Therefore, the competition on Facebook is ferocious and the more pages an active Facebook user likes, the tougher it gets for a business to retain its business and its customer base.

However, the situation is the complete opposite where a business website is concerned.

Here, you are able to grab an individual’s attention without the fear of any other brands popping up or being liked.

It’s an inbound marketing tactic where the usage of a few keywords can increase the influx of traffic onto your website.

The point is there is less fierce competition towards designing a business website than there is on Facebook.

#2 Cheaper

If you have a small business, you should definitely opt for a Facebook page to build your online presence and visibility.

It is a much cheaper option as it costs nothing to start up a business page on Facebook.

While, on the other hand, you would have to hire someone to maintain and look after your business website.

every so often this would add to your cost.

Facebook is a social media platform where you can connect to your relevant audience much quicker than a business website.

#3 Limitations

There is so much you can do to personalize your brand page on Facebook.

All your offers, promotions would be limited to the guidelines that Facebook has established.

You are unable to give your customers a unique appeal. However, this is not the case with having a business website.

There are numerous benefits of a website for a small business.

You can customize your website according to your wishes and desire and provide your customers with a brand experience.

Your business website will function as an addition to your company’s value, beliefs, mission and vision. And you can have your rules instead of following third-party regulations.

Furthermore, you can narrate your brands’ story in a much more engaging manner through a business website.

Finally you own your website and its content fully in contrast to this social medias has ownership of your profiles and content that is generated by you.

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