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There are many different options available regarding website building. However, there are two notable names which pop up more often than others: WordPress for a business website and Wix.

Both are considered supreme and share many advantages. However both are fundamentally different and provide a range of contrasting features.

Wix is one of the most popular and easy-to-use website builders. You can create your own website within minutes and that too without any knowledge of coding etc.

However, there are many advantages to using WordPress for building a business website over Wix.


WordPress is hands down the easiest website builder to use. It is open source and anyone can use it. This is because of its efficient management system. One is able to use WordPress with the most basic knowledge of computing and what makes it a great choice is the vast amount of how tos that are available online.

Comparatively with Wix, there are a lot cookie cutter defautls that applies to all customers even though at first it may look easy to use but in the long run you face limits to what you want to do or can do. Wix doesn’t allow users to remove ads in its free version which is a further disadvantage.

Themes and Customized Designs

WordPress offers a range of themes which can be tweaked and customized in line with the user’s preference. They range from tiny themes to complete websites.

Furthermore, the themes are switch-able and very easy to use. For a non-technical person, it is a very attractive factor to choose from many free and paid themes best of all you can reference documentations and videos for help.
Wix also offers a large number of templates however once selected they can’t be switched. This is a real catch for many as users are usually trying the templates when starting their own websites.

• E-commerce Options

WordPress is a known e-commerce website builder, what with all thewordpress for a business website
plug-ins and third party extensions which can aid you in creating a
professional online store. It also offers a number of themes on
E-commerce exclusively.
Wix only provides E-commerce options with their paid plans therefore it is a no-no for many users who are unwilling to purchase the premium plan without making sure it is the right pick for them. The themes are also quite limited.

• Cost Structures

Both Wix and WordPress offer free and paid packages but for WordPress you only pay if you want to get a hosting plan otherwise the actual CMS is free to use. With Wix, you can easily start your own free website however you do not get a free domain. Also, you can’t get rid of the advertisements, which can befrustrating.

With WordPress, as an open source website builder; it is far easier to create and maintain a website. There are hundreds of free themes available from which you can choose and there are constant updates by the WordPress community.
Furthermore, with Wix there are no lifetime plans, which mean every plan you will buy will expire unless you pay to keep it running.

Marketing on Wix can also be a test as it doesn’t offer the latest SEO tools and services. This can limit your expectations especially if you plan on using your website to promote your business. Wix is designed in a very specific way which functions like a CMS but it is not SEO friendly.

therefore,WordPress not only offers the latest SEO tools, numerous plug-ins, attractive templates but it is also a far superior website builder especially for business purposes.

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