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Website templates have dominated the web design scene today. Most people towards downsides of website design template because they are cheap and simple.

Today, there are several platforms that allow you to have a site with just a few clicks. But since they come with a limited set of options, using a redesigned template, is not a good way to go.

It might catch your attention first, as most people about how their website looks. But one cannot disregard the numerous downsides of using a design template.

The individuality of your website lost, your product appears to be average, your SEO efforts ruined and ultimately the web traffic affected.

Yes, picking up a pre-designed template might suit the budget initially, but will fail to deliver lasting results. At 100Dollarsweb.com, we create custom designs using WordPress to meet your expectations, which is of course not possible through off-the-shelf template from big name companies like Wix or Weebly.

Here are a few downsides of using a design template:
  1. CC They aren’t flexible

    downsides of using a design template

    downsides of using a design template

Websites built with design template saves money at the cost of creativity. You can’t get creative with a cookie cutter template.

  1. Users recognize them

Because of the wide use and lots of advertising, users are familiar with the web design templates.This creates an unprofessional image of your brand as well as your business.

  1. They’re often not responsive

Many self-build themes and templates offers a website that isn’t responsive. A non-responsive website is useless in today’s age and date.This obviously risks the image of your brand and the traffic on your web.

  1. They’re not unique

Template companies wix or weebly work on one size fits all solution. How is one kind of template design supposed to work for all the different businesses? Using a web design template, you are unable to differentiate your business from others. And to stand out in market.

  1. They resist change

Technologies are under constant innovation and developers update websites to meet the requirements. You surely compromise on this feature when you build a website using a design template

  1. S.E.O might become a problem

There is no guarantee that the template you’re building your website on will positively impact the website’s search rank.

Many designers don’t bother about S.E.O when putting together Remade templates. However, custom designed websites with WordPress can focus well on the S.E.O

To sum it up, a design template which designed for a broad business category might sound cheap and simple but ends up with poor traffic on your business website and with a cook cutter image of your brand.

Custom designs not only focus on how your web page looks but personalized at a conceptual level.

They are user friendly, responsive and engages more target audience.

Custom designed websites can developed with a content management system, or C.M.S– which allows companies to easily and quickly update their sites without technical support. Like WordPress etc.

100dollarsweb is one of the recommended options to get your custom website built starting only at $100.

In such a low budget, it offers you professional designs, convenient packagesweb hosting, daily backups, automatic security updates and what not.