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Having a business website is pretty much mandatory these days. It is the most effective marketing tool. But making a website isn’t enough and you need work on increase traffic on your website as well.

People usually have this perception that once a website built, it will automatically start generating traffic. However, this isn’t true.

“Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?” “Why aren’t my audience visiting my web?” “How to increase traffic on my website”are some commonly asked questions by many business owners.

This post will help you to find the reason why exactly your site is going unnoticed. Following are the few ways that helps you to increase traffic on your website.


When it comes to gaining web traffic, anyone will tell you it starts with search engine optimization (S.E.O). S.E.O is all about find ability.

When someone punches a keyword in Google search (say ‘100 dollars webs’) If your web optimized it will appear in the first or second page of search.

On the other hand, if your website not optimized you could buried all the way back on page 9. And we all know people usually don’t go past page 2 or 3 of search results and this ultimately affects your tractability.


Nobody likes waiting for so long. If your website takes time to load, your visitors aren’t going to hang around to wait.

If they really need to visit your website then they might be a little patient, but if they’re just curious or have clicked a link on impulse then they’re more likely to leave right away.

This means you have lost a potential customer before they have even gained access to your website.


More people surf the internet on their mobile devices than desktop connections now. Your website should be responsive and should be optimized for all devices.

If your website looks like, excuse our language, crap on mobile devices, this will result in a decline in your web traffic.


increase traffic on your website

My website traffic

 If you lack a strong social media presence, it could be part of the problem. Social media management is one of the big avenues to drive website traffic

You can use social media to spread the word about your website and attract more target audience towards your web. else how to increase traffic to my website


Your web design should look like it has been done by a professional. Your website reflects your business.

No one is going to buy a product if the shop looks shady, similarly if your website doesn’t give a professional look how can you expect your customer to trust the quality of your product.

Present a professional appearance through professional web design. You can use online web builders like 100dollarswebs.com, where you can get a professional looking website at a minimal cost.

To conclude:

Getting more audience and increasing traffic for your website isn’t a matter of days. It takes time and a lot of hard work. But these are the few techniques that will help you out.